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Elephas is one of the leading brand in security steel doors in Pune, India. Elephas door has been providing high quality , high performance, high standards, interior and exteriors steel doors for the residential  and commercial construction markets .Widely recognized among Architect, Contractors, designers and Builders and professionals in the building industries. Today’s customers demand quality, flexibility and dependability.


Elephas Door provide itself on delivery not matter how technical the satisfaction or custom your order. We have been acting to every section of society by good many years and have become customer’s obvious choice over the years, and continue to the one of the most trusted name in the door industry.


ELEPHAS doors are an excellent investment. They deter potential intruders, improve the appearance of your home and are virtually indestructible. Even those who already have a home security system will benefit from the many attributes a steel door provides to your property.


The obvious benefit of ELEPHAS doors is the protection it provides. A robber would have to use a sophisticated of some sort to open the locks on a steel door. In fact, most doors are actually drill proof, and special devices are required to open them.



Elephas Door - Twin Door Specification